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You can connect to developers and other knowledgeable users by visiting #iabotconnect

Shutoff procedure[edit source]

  1. Please use the run page to disable the bot on the appropriate wiki. Click on the link below to access the run pages for this bot, and select the wiki you would like to turn off either in the right side of the navigation bar or or selecting the run page from the table. To disable it, type in a reason for disabling the bot and click the "disable" button on the top of the page. Click the "enable" button to enable it. The bot will respond immediately to the shutoff request. When disabling the bot, please leave m:User talk:Cyberpower678 a message as to why the bot is being disabled as well as some edits that were incorrectly made.
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  2. If the bot continues to malfunction, please block the bot and leave a message on m:User talk:Cyberpower678.

Configuring the bot[edit source]

The bot's behavior can be changed to suit the wikis needs. This is done by updating values in on the configuration page of the interface. Click the link below to access the configuration page. The default wiki being accessed is enwiki, for first time access. Only local administrators can edit the configuration for the wiki they are an administrator of. To make sure you are editing the right configuration for your wiki, check that your wiki is selected in the right side of the navigation bar. You can read the documentation for every value at m:InternetArchiveBot#Configuration

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What is InternetArchiveBot and what does it do?[edit source]

InternetArchiveBot, IABot in short, is a very advanced bot designed to combat dying links, as well as fix inconsistencies in sources such as improper template usage, or invalid archives.

Under the hood, IABot has an immense, and ever growing, database, where each URL is saved along with details with, and archive snapshots, either queried from the Wayback Machine, or collected elsewhere on Wikipedia.

On top of that, the bot is highly customizable to suit the wiki's needs. Different options, such as controlling which sources to touch, which pages to scan, and whether or not scan live links and act on that information. IABot is still in ongoing development, to support additional wikis, but is complete for the English Wikipedia.

IABot Management Interface[edit source]

InternetArchiveBot comes with an online collection of tools that helps users to improve IABot, report bugs, and run the bot on specific pages.

To access the tool, click here and pick the wiki you would like to work on.

The tool depends on the community to help translate it into different languages. Your help translating it is greatly appreciated. The translation interface can be found here.