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A proposed Wikiversity/Miraheze collaboration[edit source]

  1. Second_Journal_of_Science is a proposed journal for the teaching of science. Along with a more established journal, Wikijournal of Medicine, this is part of a Wikijournal proposal. These journals need a platform where authors may privately collaborate, and collaboration in wikitext will incentivize submission to journals that use wikitext. Also editors and referees need private channels of communication. Update: WikiJournal of Medicine now has a page at
  2. Second Semester Calculus Based Physics is a class roster for one of three courses I am currently teaching. If you go to the Study guide you will see that this course has an open source bank of exam questions that permits a major part of the course to be taught online. Solutions are available for most of the problems in this bank. I would like to have students write lab reports in subpages of the roster (see this brief student report by User:W025nac for an example. )
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