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Hello, I am a user who edits on multiple wikis on Miraheze. I have a history on Fandom as Elevenblue, but I'd rather everyone would forget about some things I said and possibly even did then, as I have now left Fandom due to realising what I was doing was wrong. I have decided to stay here because I would like to think I haven't done anything terribly wrong here, but please ignore most of the things I said on Fandom.

Why I am on Miraheze

  • To contribute to Qualitipedia (and the other reception wikis)
  • To contribute to the Real Life Villains Wiki (I don't edit it that much, but I guess I could consider it being here a reason, it's a cool wiki honestly)

Things about Miraheze that are better than FANDOM

  1. You can delete your own comment (although in FANDOM you can just replace your comment with "Removed" so it isn't a big deal whether or not you can really).
  2. They allow reception wikis, which is pretty much the main reason I came here, and it is, without a doubt, a quality that says a lot.
  3. It doesn't have UCP which is admittingly not terrible but still the original format is way better.
  4. You can find out why a user is globally blocked.

Things about FANDOM that are better than Miraheze

  1. You can't edit your own comment on Miraheze (Seriously?).
  2. Since I only come here for certain things it's often not as fun (this isn't Miraheze's fault though).
  3. You're not able to infinitely block users (Although honestly, considering the way Miraheze looks, it looks better this way).
  4. The wikis are very professional on Miraheze and as a result genuinely there isn't as much fun things happening.


I think both sites are equal. Musicismylife (talk) 17:13, 23 July 2021 (UTC)

Wikis I am most active on

What I like

Consoles on Awesome Games Wiki that I like

  • Wii - Especially the Wii series (like Wii Sports, Wii Play, etc.) considering that they have miis, which are the greatest video game characters in the world and are far inferior to every other Nintendo characters ever made (including the Mario characters, by far actually)
  • Wii U - Lots of great games, much better tracking on JD Games than the Wii.
  • Nintendo Switch - Haven't played much of it but it sounds like a decent console and I honestly wish I had it instead of an Xbox One.
  • Nintendo 3DS - Tomodachi Life exists. This is a reason to buy the 3DS, trust me. (However, if Tomodachi Life 2 comes out and is just as good and has gay couples then you should just buy that.)

Games on Awesome Games Wiki that I like

Shows on Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki I like

  • Modern Simpsons Seen some bad episodes, heard people talk about episodes that sound like crap, but I like most of what I've seen.

Episodes on Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki I like

Shows on Best Shows & Episodes Wiki I like

Websites on Rotten Websites Wiki I like

  • Fandom - Not a bad site but seriously taking down the reception wikis was stupid.

YouTubers on Amazing YouTubers Wiki I like

Artists on Horrible Music & Songs Wiki I like

Songs on Horrible Music & Songs Wiki I like

  • Dance Monkey Actually one of the best songs of 2019 in my opinion.
  • South of the Border Just why is it here? Just because it's overplayed does not make it bad. Cardi B's verse is terrible, but the rest of the song is good.
  • Someone You Loved Sure the vocals are a bit loud, but the song is honestly good.

Artists on Best Music & Songs Wiki I like

Songs on Best Music & Songs Wiki I like

What I think is mediocre

Consoles on Awesome Games Wiki that I think are mediocre

  • Xbox One - Honestly, I only have it for Netflix, Minecraft and new gen JD pretty much, and the only new gen JD game that isn't on the switch is JD2016 and Netflix and Minecraft are on Switch so honestly, my only true reason of having it is because of JD2016.

Movies on Awful Movies Wiki I think are mediocre

  • The Emoji Movie Meh. Who even cares.
  • Ice Age: Continental Drift Did take a lot of elements from The Meltdown, and I hate pirates, but other than that, it's fine
  • Ice Age: Collision Course I'll defend it because I think the page is s**t, but I don't like kids movies as much anymore, so meh.
  • Peter Rabbit The sequel is better. That's all I can say about this film, really. And also that I agree that the allergy bullying is awful. But other than that, can't really say much.
  • The Boss Baby I'm fine with the concept but the toilet humour makes me want to never watch it again.

Websites on Rotten Websites Wiki that I think are mediocre

  • Villains Wiki - I don't mind it but Mike really shouldn't be there I-

Artists on Horrible Music & Songs Wiki I think are mediocre

  • Submarine Man Yes, he's not that great, but he is not nearly as bad as people claim him to be. Not NEARLY as bad. He's just another autotuned rapper, not a screeching rapper like JackG. Making an ode to feet is disgusting but other than that there is no really big problem to his songs. Also he's better than most rappers.
  • Lama Doodle Same as above.

Books on Magnificent Literature Wiki I think are mediocre

  • Wonder Interesting, but extremely flawed.

What I dislike/hate

Movies on Awful Movies Wiki I dislike/hate

TV Shows on Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki I dislike/hate

Episodes on Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki I dislike/hate

TV Shows on Best Shows & Episodes Wiki I dislike/hate

  • Talking Tom & Friends (Seasons 2-present) The show has jumped the shark, as it now has sexual references, intense topics, etc. and Tom is tortured by not only Angela, but he is literally the leader of the group, he should have more rights.

Characters on Loathsome Characters Wiki I dislike/hate

  • Talking Angela - I am actually the reason this page was created; I added her bad qualities to the original TTAF page on BTVSW and someone moved it to a page for me.
  • Norm - What an a*****e.
  • Lemmings - How annoying.
  • Stephen and Linda Stotch - "'No, you call a doctor. I'll ground him."

Websites on Rotten Websites Wiki I dislike/hate

Artists on Horrible Music & Songs Wiki that I dislike/hate

  • JackG He sounds terrible and is one of the worst artists of all time.
  • Jacob Sartorius One of the worst teen singers ever. Way too much autotune.
  • Bhad Bhabie I know they stopped being friends, BUT HOW THE HELL WAS SHE FRIENDS WITH BILLIE EILISH?! I only know two of her songs, but they were both terrible.
  • JoJo Siwa I can't tell which one is worse, her or Jacob.
  • 6ix9ine Not just because what he is, his music is terrible as well.
  • Misha (Pre-2020) He used to be bad, but he improved a lot.

Songs on Horrible Music & Songs Wiki that I hate

  • FEFE Nice beat, but the vocals aren't that great and the song itself is just boring and cringy.
  • TROLLZ Better than some of his other songs, but still bad. Did not deserve to reach number one.
  • Sweatshirt Probably Jacob's worst song.
  • Hit or Miss Pretty much just a sequel to above just slightly better.
  • Boomerang Do you even know what a boomerang is? I'm pretty sure that boomerangs aren't in america...
  • These Heaux Good beat, but everything else is terrible.
  • Hi Bich Pretty much a sequel to above, just as bad if not worse.
  • Pokemon Go Song Misha improved a lot, but here, he sucks.
  • Bingo Not as bad as Sweatshirt, but worse than Hit or Miss.
  • Better with You Terrible song, too much autotune, bad lyrics, and terrible Genius interview.
  • Friday (Rebecca Black song) Ugh. I hate this garbage.
  • Friday (Riton, Mufusa & Hyperman song) Nothing makes me cringe more honestly.

Artists on Best Music & Songs Wiki I dislike/hate

Songs on Best Music & Songs Wiki I dislike/hate

  • Thank U, Next Ugh. Way too repetitive, unoriginal and boring.
  • Let It Go I am speechless. Simply speechless.
  • WAP Don't like it, but it was well-received so I'm okay with it being here. Not that I would have a say in it either way, since I'm not an admin.
  • Lollipop How. Can. You. Like. This. Song. Just. How. The. Vocals. Are. So. Bad.

My current goals

Music reception wikis

  • Move all comments I can find on BMASW from the BMASW Fandom era and put them in the comment section
  • Edit all blog posts made on the Fandom HMASW and BMASW and fix them up