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This is the profile page of Eytirth, the admin of the Taerel Worldbuilding Project. This is our Miraheze Userpage.

=About me[edit source]

Hi, I am TheBurningPrincess, nothing much to say here other then me being the founder of the Taerel worldbuilding project, that I founded in 2017. This came out of an chats with a classmate and later a staff member that suggest to "Write down the lore on your vampire clans".

My committed id is: SH1 5b8c306a7ccd0618e6f52518e33065d2b52cc0e9

Taerel[edit source]

The world of Taerel is an original SciFi worldbuilding project by Eytirth about a world set both before and after a vampire outbreak.

The world is planned to cover fifteen eras of time, from the Stone Age to the Genetic Age before the outbreak and the Awakening Age and Shattering Age after the outbreak.

Please check out all our finished work here:

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