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=About me[edit source]

Hi, I am TheBurningPrincess, nothing much to say here other then me being the founder of the Taerel worldbuilding project, that I founded in 2017. This came out of an chats with a classmate and later a staff member that suggest to "Write down the lore on your vampire clans".

My committed id is: 7b5f75dae23e1d06fcfdbb93fc0bd62fdb13a3b2ebb6b2ef3812364927b2a3cad40ec9cef2e00d873eabb953cf7e1e774687a74d87a7a7c943ae2751e015931e}}

Taerel[edit source]

My wikis[edit source] - This is my wiki for unfinished content. Pages are moved to a finished wiki time to time, hence the lack of finished pages.