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Here I document a running list of subdomains and database names which are invalid for one reason or another, so I can keep track of them and reference for situations in which they come up.

Technical limitations[edit source]

These are subdomains and/or database names which are reserved for one reason or another within the Miraheze infrastructure. Projects with similar names to these are almost certain to be denied.

URL Database Reserved for Function Notes N/A Bacula Backups N/A Varnish Cache proxy N/A MariaDB Database software for Miraheze services N/A Grafana Service metrics N/A Icinga Service monitoring N/A LizardFS File storage N/A Email Mail server Unknown Matomo Analytics N/A Miscellaneous services N/A MediaWiki MediaWiki appserver N/A GDNSD DNS Exists on misc1. Unknown Phabricator Support, improvements, internal communication Unknown Puppet Configuration deployment I'm not all that familiar with Puppet, so not a good authority/reference. Unknown File delivery test1 Pre-deployment testing Not a public test wiki; use instead.

Official wikis and those exempt from inactivity[edit source]

These are wikis which can never be requested or adopted, as they are official wikis and/or exempted from inactivity rules.

Wiki Database Status URL Notes
Miraheze Meta metawiki Official/Exempt
Miraheze Commons commonswiki Exempt
Code of Conduct Commission conductwiki Official/Exempt
Miraheze CVT Wiki cvtwiki Official/Exempt CVT action log
Incubator Plus 2.0 incubatorwiki Exempt
Miraheze Login Wiki loginwiki Official/Exempt Global login/userpage service
TestWiki testwiki Exempt En espaƱol
Spiral spiralwiki Exempt The first!
Miraheze Staff Wiki staffwiki Official/Exempt
Template Wiki templatewiki Exempt
Test1 test1wiki Official/Exempt Not for public testing, use mh:test instead. Changes to Test1 do not affect Miraheze.
Official: Used for Miraheze operations, and as such cannot be adopted.

Exempt: Cannot be closed for inactivity.

Other unacceptable wikis[edit source]

URL Reason Notes