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Since it seems like this wiki has no active bureaucrats, I would recommend you hold a local election, taking care to take into account the local wiki's permissions elections policies. Assuming your wiki has no local permissions request policies or other election rules, you would follow global customs and conventions for such requests, which see you create an election page on that wiki, on a prominent page, stating the number and type of position(s) you're running for (i.e., administrator, bureaucrat), the name(s) of the candidate(s) running, how long the election shall run for (best practice for 5-7 calendar days), the minimum support ratio required for a successful election, and whether an election can be declared successful after the minimum timeframe if no one expresses a view (i.e., election by acclamation). Once your process has concluded (recommended to last for at least 5-7 calendar days), return to stewards' noticeboard and, in a new thread, state the wiki address, local location of the election, and a steward will assess your local election in absence of a local bureaucrat. Thanks. ~~~~

Usage Note[edit | edit source]


This userspace template should always be substituted.

Substitute either (a) {{subst:User:Dmehus/local election}} or (b) {{subst::LE}} (its userspace template cross-namespace redirect shortcut) in your reply at Requests for adoption, without adding your signature as one will be added for you.

Do take care to add appropriate indentation per established conventions.