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Hi, I'm Doug.

I am a semi-active Miraheze community volunteer, having joined the community in June 2020, primarily interested in helping to draft, fill in, and edit Miraheze Meta and global content and conduct policies. Additionally, my home wikis are chiefly Meta and Miraheze Commons. On Meta, I am active assisting new or existing fellow community users with their questions on the noticeboards and talk pages, patrolling Special:RecentChanges and Special:NewPages across namespaces, various wiki maintenance, and other wiki janitorial-type tasks and duties, much of it additionally as an administrator and interface administrator on Meta. On Miraheze Commons, I continue to help build out and maintain Miraheze's central image repository as a local bureaucrat and administrator. On Public Test Wiki, I was a consul, having been elected by the local community, bureaucrat, and administrator where I am active in granting requests for permissions, various wiki janitorial-type tasks and duties, and continuing to fill out our content pages.

Previously, I was elected by the community and served on the Code of Conduct Commission, which was the quasi-judicial arbitration panel to hear complaints or appeals from users that related to the Code of Conduct global policy. interwiki administrator, capable of adding interwiki links to the local interwiki table on any wiki (usually following a request at the community noticeboard on Meta, but requests by Discord or IRC are also accepted as well). I was also elected as a Steward, a global functionary that assists in ensuring our global policies are upheld, mediating Content Policy disputes, and fulfilling requests that can't be performing by local bureaucrats for various reasons, among other tasks and duties, a role which I held for just over two years. Additionally, I was approved by the Board of Directors of Miraheze Limited to serve as a Trust and Safety Responder as part of the new Trust and Safety team, a role which I held for nearly two years since its inception. Accordingly, any activities performed in this role will be done through my official role account and, as such, Doug (Miraheze) is one of only two other Miraheze global accounts that I operate (the other being Doug (test account) (verify), a testing account without any local or global advanced permissions).

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