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Welcome to my userpage! My username is DeeM28 but you can call me Andrew. I also have the same name on the WMF wikis. If you need to ask me anything you can use my talkpage. For information: I am not very active on Miraheze or Meta and only check sometimes or check when a page on my watchlist is changed (for example RfC/CN/SN/AN).

I want to mention that I am in real life interested in politics and as such I am also interested in the Requests for Comment here as there are sometimes interesting debates held. I am a supporter of democracy in general and similarly on Miraheze I support the community's role which should be very strong. I have lived in many countries and cities in the past years and now I unfortunately find myself living in a country that is not very much to my personal taste (i.e. not very democratic).

This user is interested in politics.