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Hello! And welcome to my user page!

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I'm thinking about redesigning my userpage sometime

I'm not really active anymore...

Although I am not part of the Miraheze anti-vandalism program, I do still try to help wikis that have been vandalized, so you can ask me to help!
I got a message from Duolingo that said, "Is it hot in here, or is it just your 125 day streak?" And when I read that, it was -22 outside.
My current signature: Commetian Empire (talk°•◇•°CentralAuth)
Warning: All advice I give you is followed at your own risk. Although I always answer to my best ability and in good faith/intentions, I cannot promise that it will work as written.
You can call me: (These are names people have called me before)

  • Commetian Empire
  • Commetia
  • Commetiaa
  • Commet/Comet
  • Commeti
  • Coffee Grounds and Mud

I honestly don't care what you call me, but please make sure I know it is me you are talking to!

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User Sub-pages[edit source]

Former User Sub-pages[edit source]

These pages were created by me, but were deleted for some reason

  • Requests for Comment/Change to CentralAuth
    • out of scope, Miraheze can't change the appearance of CentralAuth
  • User:Commetian Empire/global.css
    • useless page; I don't know how to use css

Other user sub-pages I work on[edit source]

These pages are not owned by me, but I work on them and am one of the main contributors.
(I ask for permission before I edit anyone's User Sub-pages)

Important thing I wanna Say!![edit source]

Due to all LGBTQ+-÷×=><#* (propaganda) stuff, I will only use pronouns that I originally knew that User/person has. If they change their pronouns, I will use their previous pronouns. If I do not know what gender a user is, I will go off their Username. For example, if a Username is "SarahRWolffy" (not a real user), since Sarah is a female name, I will use she/her.
Please talk to me if you have any questions