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Hello my name is CnocBride and I am a former wikicreator and active contributor on Miraheze. I am currently part of the meta project, my own personal wiki, Aeross and a encyclopedic style wiki called The Multilingual Encyclopedia. I am very active on Aeross and I am the founder and chief bureaucrat on that wiki. I am also a active contributor and system admin on TME.

I try to help in any way possible but I usually work on Phabricator tasks. I also do work on wiki creation requests.

My timezone is GMT so I will be unavailable from 00:30 GMT until about 10:00 GMT on weekends and holidays. During weekdays I am only available from 5:30 GMT until 10:30 GMT.

I was a member of the Code of Conduct Commission.

Community positions[edit source]

Community Position Term Start Term End Days Served
Wiki creator 6 July 2017 4 December 2021 1,612
Interwiki admin 16 August 2018 3 April 2022
Community member of the Code of Conduct Commission 18 November 2017 19 November 2018 366
Wiki managers 19 September 2018 6 June 2019 260
Member of the Counter Vandalism Team 9 May 2018 31 October 2019 540

Projects[edit source]

  • Aeross - This wiki was the first wiki I requested and I use it mainly for the thing that brought me to Miraheze, conworlding. Essentially I write fictional articles that document a world like an encyclopedia. It's very fun and amusing. I also use the wiki for testing and writing drafts and proposals for other wikis.
  • The Multilingual Encyclopedia - I joined this wiki to be part of a larger project and I am now a administrator. I prefer this over Wikipedia due to the policies in force on TME.
  • Altverse (Constructed Worlds Wiki) - I was a member of the Constructed Worlds wiki and was an avid reader and creator. I descended into inactivity on the community and moved to Miraheze due to my strong dislike for Wikia. I now take part in some parts of Altverse/Conworld.

Absent dates[edit source]

My timezone is GMT so I will be unavailable from 2:00 AM GMT until about 10:00 AM GMT on weekends and holidays. During weekdays I am only available from 5:30 PM GMT until 10:30 PM GMT.


Business email:

Skype: CnocBride

Discord: CnocBride#2950

For matters relating to my personal wiki please contact me there. For other matters in general on sites such as this one, Phabricator or Github please contact me here. I check my Meta page every day so you will be highly likely to receive a response. If you do not receive a response through my business email please contact me on a talk page or have a administrator send an email to my personal email which is registered with this account.

Milestones and Notes

Milestones[edit source]

  • On the 6th July 2017, I was officially made a wikicreator and this further expands my role and commitment to the community which I am super happy about!
  • On the 10th July 2017, I achieved a collective edit number of 1,120! Its been absolutely great. I have made over 940 edits on my personal wiki alone!
  • On the 10th October 2017, I officially achieved 2,000 edits which is a pretty large number. Most of them edits have been on my personal wiki but I have made hundreds of edits on Meta and other wikis.
  • In November 2017, I was elected to the Code of Conduct commission.
  • On the 9th May 2018, I became a member of the CVT.
  • On the 16th August 2018, I became an interwiki admin.
  • On the 19 September 2018, I became a wiki managers.

Notebook[edit source]

  • Archive talk page every 3 months or at the end of every year!
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17:40 OligarchMartial talk contribs requested "Goldworks Wiki" in #41703(This is a wiki dedicated to the Goldworks Minecraft server, a modded server dedicated to nation building. The wiki is open to all members of the server to record characters, nations, towns, events, and in general the lore of the server. We are officially supported by some of the nations on the server and hopefully will become fully official soon.)
16:33 Doorman532 talk contribs requested "LandofCatalan" in #41702(A robot called Super 02 and the merry band of friends he makes along the way explores the world of Catalan, a mainly fantasy world but with sci-fi elements in them. Their goal unite together the Sacred Artifacts to bring the original Creator of the world back to fix the world's problems as the forces of evil try to stop his way. This wiki I will make is for my own personal worldbuilding.)
16:26 Penguinx talk contribs re-opened wiki request #41616
15:54 Koifishoo talk contribs requested "Rayvision Song Contest" in #41701(A wiki that holds results and information on Rayvision, a Eurovision style spin off. Will also hold information on the Ray Broadcasting Union, the fictional broadcasting union of countries used to create the Rayvision Song Contest. Rayvision is ran by me and my friends.)
15:50 Frostbitty talk contribs re-opened wiki request #41623
15:49 Murvana talk contribs requested "Katartlelo" in #41700(The nation of Katartlelo, which is in reality an alternative nation, that historically used to rule all over the world from 3000BC to 1410 AD, until it's collapse in 1410 when it stopped existing until 2020. From December 29th, 2020 Republic of Katartlelo exists event today.)
15:36 Xyz16 talk contribs requested "Potato Movie" in #41699(This wiki is about the movie called Potato Movie! The series is made originally by rubat but cris, rouge, sekkar also help making it! This wiki is about the movie called Potato Movie! The series is made originally by rubat but cris, rouge, sekkar also help making it!)
15:05 MiruCle8 talk contribs requested "Fortnite Competitive" in #41698(The Fortnite Competitive community doesn't have a definitive place to house all of their information. Their guides and tutorials are all diluted between creators, maps, discords, etc. I want to create one big nexus to house as much Fortnite Competitive content as possible so that no one needs to search between a dozen different sources.)
15:04 Pablo2025 talk contribs requested "Nery Spanish" in #41697(Good day, I want to teach Mayan languages ​​of Guatemala and Mexico, I would like to be able to share tutorials of the more than 25 Mayan languages ​​that there are, in some I have more information than others but I would like to be able to share the information.)
14:54 DeezMond talk contribs requested "Bursztynowa Wiki" in #41696(Encyclopedia with set of custom rules for dnd 5e oriented discord server. There will be things like custom classes, races, feats, etc. There wont be anything that would violate copyright claims.)
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