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I am Centrist16, the creator of Constructed Worlds Wiki, the official Miraheze port from the Constructed Worlds Fandom. The community hosts constructed worlds (worldbuilding) projects, alternate history timelines, future history timelines, science fiction projects, political simulation games, and other speculative fiction projects. My community and I made the decision to migrate to Miraheze back in May 2018 following Fandom's decision to remove the Monobook skin. Since then, we have based our editing operations on Miraheze and we look forward to its continued success as a non-intrusive, ad-free, and versatile alternative wiki farm. I am an active contributor and also run the Constructed Worlds Wiki's official Discord server. I have worked on MediaWiki communities for nearly 8 years now and I am thankful that there is a wiki farm that remains faithful to the software rather than deviate from it drastically in the manner Wikia has. If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on my talk page or my wiki's Discord server. I am also available for contact on Miraheze's own Discord server. Do not hesitate to ping me because I am more than happy to respond as soon as possible.

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I live in the Pacific Time Zone. I am usually on between 16:00 (GMT) and 8:00 (GMT). Since it is summertime, I am much more available during the weekdays and Sundays. I am usually not as available for contact during Saturdays year-round.