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Miraheze Extensions List[edit | edit source]

Extensions Group Type Description Enabled
AddRelationship Special pages A special page for adding friends/foe requests for existing users in the wiki No
Admin Links Special pages Adds a special page that holds helpful links for administrators No
Central Auth Special pages Merge account across wikis of Miraheze Yes
CheckUser Special pages Grants users with the appropriate permission the ability to check user's IP addresses and other information Yes
CiteThisPage Special pages Adds a citation special page and toolbox link No
Echo Special pages In-wiki notification system that can be used by other extensions. Yes
GiftManager Special pages Adds a special page to administrate available gifts and add new ones No
GiftManagerLogo Special pages Adds a special page to upload new gift images No
GiveGift Special pages Adds a special page to give out gifts to your friends/foes No
Interwiki Special pages Adds a special page to view and manipulate the interwiki table. Yes
ManageWiki Special pages Allows people to manage wikis through a web interface Yes
MassEditRegex Mass Edit via Regular Expressions Special pages Page action Use regular expressions to edit multiple pages at once No
MassMessage Special pages Communication Easily send a message to a list of users No
Newest Pages Special pages List of the most recently created pages on the wiki (doesn't use recentchanges) No
Nuke Special pages Gives administrators the ability to mass delete pages Yes
PageTriage Special pages Facilitates reviewing and approving new pages No
PopulateExistingUsersProfiles Special pages A special page for initializing social profiles for existing wikis No
Protect Site Special pages Admin Temporarily block various site modifications No
RemoveAvatar Special pages A special page for removing users' avatars No
RemoveGift Special pages Adds a special page to remove gifts No
RemoveMasterGift Special pages Adds a link to related pages on the sidebar No
RemoveRelationship Special pages A special page for removing existing friends/foes for the current logged in user No
Renameuser Special pages Adds a special page to rename a user (need renameuser right) Yes
Renameuser for CentralAuth Special pages Allows renaming global accounts No
Replace Text Special pages Admin String replacements on the entire wiki, for both page contents and titles No
SendBoardBlast Special pages A special page to allow users to send a mass board message by selecting from a list of their friends and foes No
SiteMatrix Special pages Displays a list of Miraheze wikis Yes
SiteScout Special pages Displays recent social changes No
ToggleUserPage Special pages A special page for updating a user's userpage preference No
TopUsers Special pages Adds a special page for viewing the list of users with the most points. No
Translate Special pages Special page for translating MediaWiki and beyond No
UpdateProfile Special pages A special page to allow users to update their social profile No
UploadAvatar Special pages A special page for uploading Avatars No
UrlShortener Special pages URL shortener for arbitrary URLs No
UserActivity Special pages Shows users' social activity No
UserBoard Special pages Display User Board messages for a user No
ViewGift Special pages Adds a special page to view given gifts No
ViewGifts Special pages Adds a special page to view given gifts No
ViewRelationshipRequests Special pages A special page for viewing open relationship requests for the current logged in user No
ViewRelationships Special pages A special page for viewing all relationships by type No
AddHTMLMetaAndTitle Parser hooks Allows for easier SEO (search engine optimization) No
Avatar Parser hooks A parser function to get the avatar of a given user No
Babel Parser hooks Adds the #babel parser function to allow automated generation of a babel userbox column with the ability to include custom templates No
CategoryTree Parser hooks Dynamically navigate the category structure No
Cite Parser hooks Adds <ref[ name=id]> andtags, for citations Yes
CSS Parser hooks A parser function that allows CSS stylesheets to be included in specific pages No
CreateRedirect Special page Adds a special page that eases creation of redirects via a simple form. Also adds a shortcut to the sidebar's "toolbox" No
Duplicator Special page, Page action Allows simple creation of independent copies (with separate edit histories) of pages No
DynamicPageList3 Parser hooks Create lists of other articles based on their category, namespace, title, references or template usage and include contents or arguments of template calls of those articles into your page. No
EasyTimeline Parser hooks Adds <timeline> tag to create timelines No
InputBox Parser hooks Allow inclusion of predefined HTML forms Yes
Javascript Slideshow Parser hooks Create a slideshow from multiple included div elements No
LabeledSectionTransclusion Parser hooks Enables marked sections of text to be transcluded No
Maps Parser hooks Enables embedding of dynamic maps into wiki pages, geocoding of addresses and other geographical operations No
Math Parser hooks Allows to render mathematical formulas Yes
MsCatSelect Parser hooks Add a page to an existing or newly creatable category via a drop-down list No
MsLinks Parser hooks Creates links to view or download files using icons appropriate to the file type No
MsUpload Parser hooks Upload multiple files via the editor including drag & drop No
NoTitle Parser hooks Adds a magic word to hide the main title heading No
ParserFunctions Parser hooks Enhance parser with logical functions Yes
PDFEmbed Parser hooks Media Media handler extension for PDF files. No
Poem Parser hooks Adds <poem> tag for poem formatting No
Scribunto Parser hooks Framework for embedding scripting languages into MediaWiki pages Yes
SimpleChanges Special page Special page that displays a barebones Recent Changes list - ideal for transclusion No
Spoilers Tag Allows to hide text using the <spoiler> tag. The spoiler button's show/hide message can be customized. No
Subpage Fun Parser hooks Adds parser functions allowing to gain extensive information about mediawikiwiki:Help:Subpages subpages No
TemplateData Parser hooks Implement data storage for template parameters (using JSON) No
UserWelcome Parser hooks Adds <welcomeUser> tag to display user-specific social info to logged-in users No
Variables Parser hooks Parser functions allowing to work with dynamic variables in an article scoped context No
Widgets Parser hooks Allows wiki administrators to add free-form widgets to the wiki by editing pages within the Widget namespace. Community-contributed widgets can be found on No
WikiTextLoggedInOut Parser hooks Two parser hooks, <loggedin> and <loggedout> to show different text depending on the users' login state No
News Tag, Hook Allows to include a custom excerpt from Special:Recentchanges on a wiki page, or as an RSS/Atom feed. Supports filtering and custom formatting No
Graph Tag, ContentHandler Data visualizations such as bar charts, pie charts, timelines, and histograms in a JSON format that renders a Vega-based graph. No
YouTube Parser hooks Embeds YouTube and Google Video movies, audio and video, WeGame and Gametrailers video, Tangler forum, and GoGreenTube video No
NativeSvgHandler Media handlers Serves SVG images directly to clients Yes
PDF Handler Media handlers Handler for viewing PDF files in image mode. No
Abuse Filter Spam prevention Applies automatic heuristics to edits Yes
AntiSpoof Spam prevention Blocks the creation of accounts with mixed-script, confusing and similar usernames Yes
AntiSpoof for CentralAuth Spam prevention Adds AntiSpoof technology to CentralAuth Yes
ConfirmEdit Spam prevention Provides CAPTCHA techniques to protect against spam and password-guessing Yes
TitleBlacklist Spam prevention Allows administrators to forbid creation of pages and user accounts per a whitelist Yes
PageImages API API Collects information about images used on page No
DataValues DataValues Collection of objects representing various kinds of values No
DataValues Common DataValues Contains common implementations of the interfaces defined by DataValuesInterfaces No
DataValues Geo DataValues Geographical value objects, parsers and formatters No
DataValues Interfaces DataValues Defines interfaces for ValueParsers, ValueFormatters and ValueValidators No
DataValues Validators DataValues Contains common ValueValidator implementations No
Popups Beta features User interface Displays popups when users hover over article links No
RelatedArticles Beta features Adds a link to related pages on the sidebar No
BetaFeatures Lets user enable or disable features on the wiki that are still not ready for prime-time No
BlogPage Blogging system with commenting and voting features, a special page to list blog posts No
CLDR cldr-desc Yes
CodeEditor Syntax-highlighted editing for JavaScript and CSS pages using Ace editor Yes
Create Page Allows adding an input box to insert name of a new page to be created No
CustomNavBlocks Allows use of normal MediaWiki-pages as contents of the Sidebar No
Disambiguator Enables the designation of disambiguation pages with a magic word No
DismissableSiteNotice Allows users to close the sitenotice No
Flow Provides a discussion and collaboration system for talk pages No
Gadgets Allow users to enable JS or CSS, user-provided gadgets from their preferences page. Yes
GlobalBlocking Allows IP addresses to be blocked on multiple wikis. Yes
Global CSS/JS Allows global CSS and JS on a central wiki to be loaded for all connected wikis Yes
LocalisationUpdate Allows keeping localized messages up to date Yes
MirahezeMagic MediaWiki messages, scripts and hooks specific for Miraheze No
MobileFrontend Provides a mobile-friendly view Yes
MultimediaViewer Expand thumbnails in a larger size in a fullscreen interface. No
NewUserMessage User activity Add a message to newly created user's talk pages No
OATHAuth Provides authentication support using HMAC based one-time passwords Yes
OAuth Allows usage of OAuth 1.0a for API authorization Yes
PageNotice Notify Add fixed header or footer message for each page or namespace No
SandboxLink User interface Adds a link to user's personal sandbox to personal tools menu No
SimpleTooltip Tooltips supporting inline text and info icons No
SocialProfile A set of social tools for MediaWiki No
TextExtracts Provides plain-text or limited HTML extracts of page content No
Thanks Adds links for thanking users for edits, comments, etc. Yes
UniversalLanguageSelector Gives the user several ways to select a language and to adjust language settings No
Validator Declarative parameter processing library No
VisualEditor Visual editor for MediaWiki No
WikiEditor Provides an extendable wikitext editing interface and many feature-providing modules Yes
WikiLove Adds an interface for facilitating positive user feedback to user talk pages No
AccessControl User rights Restrict access (read & edit) to specific pages based on internal groups or group lists from userspace No
AJAXPoll Please fill me! No
ArticleFeedbackV5 Solicit readers feedback to help editors improve articles No
ArticleRatings Please fill me! No
AuthorProtect Please fill me! No
AutomaticBoardWelcome Please fill me! No
CharInsert Please fill me! No
CollabsibleVector Please fill me! No
Comments Please fill me! No
ContactPage Provides a simple Contact Us form for visitors No
CookieWarning Adds a notice to the top of the page, that informs the user, that this wiki uses cookies to operate. No
CreateWiki Please fill me! No
DPLForum DynamicPageList-based forum featuring author listings, compact display, and full multipage support No
DynamicPageList Outputs a bulleted list of most recent items residing in a category, or an intersection of several categories No
Editcount Displays the edit count of a user No
EducationProgram Facilitates educational programs by adding interfaces to manage courses, students, institutions, mentors, etc., as well as improving workflow and providing analysis and statistics. No
FancyBoxThumbs Displays thumbnailed images in a Mac-style "lightbox" that floats overtop of web page. No
FeaturedFeeds Creates daily feeds (Atom or RSS) of wiki's featured content, e.g. Featured Articles, Media of the Day. Feeds are added to site's main page. No
FlaggedRevs Allows for Editor and Reviewer users to rate revisions of articles and set those revisions as the default revision to show upon normal page view. No
HeaderTabs Transforms top-level MWiki headers into JS-based tabs No
HideSection User interface Adds links on each header to hide/show the section. No
HighlightLinksInCategory Adds a CSS class to links pointing to members of a category No
ImageMap Allows clickable HTML image maps No
JavascriptSlideshow Create a slideshow from multiple included div elements No
Josa Automates josa part of Korean postposition process. No
LinkSuggest Provides the user with article title suggestions as they type a link in wikitext. No
Loops Parser function Provides parser functions for performing loops No
MediaWikiChat Communication Lightweight chat system No
MirahezeMagic ??? Yes
MsCalender Easy-to-use month view calendar No
MultiBoilerplate User interface Allows a boilerplate to be selected from a drop down box located above the edit form when editing pages. No
NativeSvgHandler Serves SVG images directly to clients Yes
Newsletter Please fill me! No
NewUsersList Shows avatars of newly registered users No
NewSignupPage Enhances default signup page No
PDFHandler Media Please fill me! No
Poll Please fill me! No
Quiz Please fill me! No
RandomSelection Please fill me! No
RSS Please fill me! No
ScratchBlocks Please fill me! No
SecurePoll Allows for elections, polls and surveys No
SubPageFun Please fill me! No
SubPageList3 Please fill me! No
SyntaxHighlight Please fill me! No
Tabber Please fill me! No
Tabs Please fill me! No
TemplateSandbox Preview pages using sandboxed templates No
Theme Allows loading of themes (preset CSS to change the appearance of a skin) No
TimedMediaHandler Allows uploading and transcoding HTML5 audio and video, parsing WebM, etc. No
Timeline Please fill me! Yes
TitleKey Please fill me! No
TorBlock Please fill me! No
UrlShortner Please fill me! Yes
WebChat Please fill me! No
WikiBase Please fill me! No
WikiForum Please fill me! No
WikiHiero Please fill me! No

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