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    Hello! I'm Bukkit. I was a wiki creator and interwiki administrator. If you have any questions, use my talk page. :)

    You will most likely find me on Phabricator and the GitHub, or metawiki and memeswiki, however I do lurk around in the Discord server.

    Finding Nemo Bukkit[edit source]

    Location Username Description
    IRC: #miraheze connect, #wikimedia connect, #mediawiki connect, #phorge connect Bongo-Cat (@miraheze/Bukkit) Internet Relay Chat
    Discord fiddlestix Miraheze Discord server, MediaWiki
    Phabricator Bukkit Miraheze request and issue tracking on Phabricator
    Miraheze Meta (you are here) Bukkit Miraheze project
    Imagination Land

    User rights or smth[edit source]

    User Rights Given Revoked Days Served
    Patroller* 29 November 2021 9 January 2022 40
    Interwiki administrator 15 September 2022 1 November 2022 47
    Wiki creator 12 October 2022 1 November 2022 20
    Patroller 2 March 2023 Incumbent N/A

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    Directory[edit source]