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TL;DR: When I’m tired, I tend to have less brain cells. I really wanted to catch some vandals or something, but no luck, so resorted in making a diff account.

Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation. Well it’s a long short-ish story. I couldn’t sleep for 2 days straight, had to go to school, deal with some annoyances, and bam, onto the 6th period. I decided I wanted to catch some wild vandals but, of course, there were none. So I had the amazing idea of “if there are no vandals, or policy breakers, how about i just make one appear…” and thus, Bukkity was born. I had no purpose of doing cross-wiki abuse with it, just to report it in CVT.

<Bukkity> There is an impersonator of me that claims that it's my (Bukkit's) alt "Hello, I am the alt of @Bukkit: and my name is Justin thx for seeing this bye"

Now if that ain’t 10/10 acting then IDK what is. And then Doug does some CU on that account, DMs me on Matrix (at that time I was hella active on there) asking “yo bukkity your alt”not actually what he said. I said “No.” like any rational human being would, and unknown to me, he did a CU, told me he did, and yeah. I apologized, and he forgave me, and no sanctions would be placed, as long a I don’t do that again. thank you Doug :). That was pretty childish crap I did, and tbh, I really wish I never done it.

So yeah, I still thank Doug for that.

Oh yeah, any questions, don’t hesitate to ask (either on this page’s talk page, or mine.)