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πŸ˜‚ β€” Thought that was how to make super emoji usernames :(

Bukkit (Public) β€” for usage in other areas (i.e school) where I am unable to use 2FA.

γƒŸγƒ©γ‚―γƒ«γƒŸγƒ₯ージカル β€” I genuinely don't know the point of this account.

Jetnet β€” Same as above, made a long time ago, back when dinosaurs ruled the land.

Bukkity β€” (redacted)

29TB β€” Sock 🧦 😐

SuperIdolBoy β€” Shared account with close friend/sock/meatpuppet 🧦 😐

Pythonix β€” Not necessarily an alternate account, but one that I have direct access too, and other users may too. Please check here to see the team.