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Your average minimum wage Target cashier, literally an idiot, always going to the in-store Starbucks on my breaks. I’m really active on Meta nowadays, but I’ll still be on the other wikis off-meta. I hop on IRC every now and then. October 23 is my Miraheze anniversary. For more information about me (pls no PII questions), just ping me on Discord. My alternative account may be found here: User:Bukkit/Alts. If in doubt, reach out to me.

Misc Info[edit source]

I am a software developer currently living in New York. My interests range from technology to development. I am also interested in web development. I am also a decent PHP developer, and I contribute on Phabricator and GitHub. On Meta, I assist users on the noticeboards (mostly community). On my wikis, I do deal with management, and checking out some extensions. Outside of the technology world, I hang out with friends and family, and play sports (I currently play tennis). A goal I’d like to reach is becoming a Wiki Creator.

I am the founder of WikiWee, and I also have PHP knowledge and some SQL knowledge. I have a self-hosted MediaWiki website that serves as a testing site. Outside of Miraheze, I am a software developer sorta , and a MediaWiki bot developer. I am also learning how to make an IRC bot (because irc). I am a privacy and FOSS advocate. I strongly dislike IP editing (how the IP is public), and would wish for the public IP to be replaced with or something. FOSS 4 LIEF

Finding Nemo Bukkit[edit source]

Location Username Description
IRC: #miraheze connect, #wikimedia connect, #mediawiki connect, #phorge connect Bongo-Cat (@miraheze/Bukkit) Internet Relay Chat
Discord SelfCloak#9401 Miraheze Discord server, MediaWiki
Phabricator Bukkit Miraheze request and issue tracking on Phabricator
Miraheze Meta (you are here) Bukkit Miraheze project

User rights or smth[edit source]

User Rights Given Revoked Days Served
Patroller 29 November 2021 9 January 2022 40

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