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    This user is no longer active on Miraheze.

    I was formerly a Meta patroller and a Global Interwiki Administrator here on Miraheze. On June 7 2023, I resigned all rights and one day later, I retired completely from Miraheze. Mainly, this was due to my complete lack of trust in the project I have spent years building. This has not been an easy decision, but I, along with several other volunteers from the project, decided that we cannot continue on our current trajectory. I likely will not return, and will occupy positions on other wiki projects in order to help grow those farms. I wish Miraheze all the best. I'd like to thank everyone here for all the memories you have provided me over these years. They've meant a lot to me.

    For the last time, over and out.

    -- BrandonWM

    I can be contacted through Discord, IRC, and email here if needed.