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Name Some people call me Chris
User type New user
Location Derbyshire, UK
Gender Male
Age 44
Interests Among other things, I enjoy:
  • Military history
  • Border Regiment
  • Reading historical fiction
  • Landscape photography
  • Playing the acoustic guitar
  • Travelling
  • Cycling
  • All sorts of music
Website The Lonsdale Battalion
Border Regiment Forum
Padfield Village
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Hello all. I have used mediawiki on and off for a few years, enjoying it most when creating basic navigation and infobox templates. Lately, however, I have neglected to work on my project, which has now been through several incarnations. The spark to work on it again came about recently with the desire to streamline everything I had done in the past and start afresh, but without the need to constantly upgrade the software and extensions.

I find the idea behind Miraheze an inspirational one. The founders have created something unique and those that help out in their spare time are a credit to this community. I would like to thank everyone who has helped with my requests so far (I am sure there will be others) and I hope that Miraheze will be the driving force behind my site for many years to come.

When I get my new wiki going I will be more active here and update this page........

The Lonsdale Battalion Wiki[edit | edit source]

So, it has been six months since I registered with Miraheze. It's been a fun journey so far and I have met (so to speak) some interesting people in the community. In that time I have been a member I have managed to break the 1000 pages mark on my wiki (over 2000 total pages) by slowly importing pages from my old wiki and the count is going up day by day. In fact because of the scope of the project I don't think I would ever finish as there is always something to do: pages to edit, images to upload, templates to create........I am still in the early stages of the project.......and I enjoy every minute of it. This is one reason why I am not always active here on Meta and for that I apologise. But I guess this is a good thing because I am always working on making my wiki better. My to-do list just keeps on getting bigger. Maybe, one day, it will be in the top ten wikis on Miraheze!

User subpages[edit | edit source]

User:Borderman/age (used in the infobox)


User:Borderman/user-infobox (please feel free to use this if anyone else wants this for their user page - just change picture and colours as you see fit)

On Meta[edit | edit source]

Over the next few months I hope to be a bit more proactive with discussions. I have put a few of my views forward in previous requests for comment but I don't usually make a habit of commenting for the sake commenting. However, I would like to be more known in the community and help out where I can but at the same time I don't want to feel like I am stepping on any toes. The Miraheze staff already provide an excellent service but if I can help out further I will try.

I would like to be a wiki creator.....eventually. But I don't feel ready for this at the moment. I think I would need some trial runs before I felt confident providing this service for the community.

I have recently helped out by sorting the category structure, which was practically non-existent. Other than that my input here on Meta has been somewhat sparse.