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Name Some people call me Chris
User type New user
Location Derbyshire, UK
Gender Male
Age 42
Interests Among other things, I enjoy:
  • Military history
  • Border Regiment
  • Reading historical fiction
  • Landscape photography
  • Playing the acoustic guitar
  • Travelling
  • Cycling
  • All sorts of music
Website The Lonsdale Battalion
Border Regiment Forum
Padfield Village
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Hello all. I have used mediawiki on and off for a few years, enjoying it most when creating basic navigation and infobox templates. Lately, however, I have neglected to work on my project, which has now been through several incarnations. The spark to work on it again came about recently with the desire to streamline everything I had done in the past and start afresh, but without the need to constantly upgrade the software and extensions.

I find the idea behind Miraheze an inspirational one. The founders have created something unique and those that help out in their spare time are a credit to this community. I would like to thank everyone who has helped with my requests so far (I am sure there will be others) and I hope that Miraheze will be the driving force behind my site for many years to come.

When I get my new wiki going I will be more active here and update this page.