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Linux CONFIG notes[edit source]

RTC configuration[edit source]


The sysfs interface under /sys/class/rtc/rtcN provides access to various
rtc attributes without requiring the use of ioctls. All dates and times
are in the RTC's timezone, rather than in system time.

date:  	   	 RTC-provided date
hctosys:   	 1 if the RTC provided the system time at boot via the
		 CONFIG_RTC_HCTOSYS kernel option, 0 otherwise
max_user_freq:	 The maximum interrupt rate an unprivileged user may request
		 from this RTC.
name:		 The name of the RTC corresponding to this sysfs directory
since_epoch:	 The number of seconds since the epoch according to the RTC
time:		 RTC-provided time 
wakealarm:	 The time at which the clock will generate a system wakeup
		 event. This is a one shot wakeup event, so must be reset
		 after wake if a daily wakeup is required. Format is seconds since
		 the epoch by default, or if there's a leading +, seconds in the
		 future, or if there is a leading +=, seconds ahead of the current

Testing configuration[edit source]

After changing the configfile "socfpga_tagarno.h"

compiling Linux

MyAction::MyAction(ActionExtension * extension) : Action(extension) {
    // Setting name, description and input component
    setName("My Component name");
    setDescription("The action my component does");