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Our Pai Adventure

Hi there Mom, Dad, sister, and brother:

I talked with Mom and Dad yesterday about Pai and our land there and what we’re going to do about it. So, I would like to summarize things and perhaps get to some point where we have a plan of action. On recalling my last trip to Pai a couple of weeks ago, I see beautiful things and somewhat unpleasant things. The land is still lovely. Even though it’s still a bit rough, there are lovely trees, grass, flowers, and plants. The hot tub is a great addition to the land and something most people would be happy to enjoy. There are some great views and we could have more perches to view if we cleared some shrubs and branches.

Speaking of the roughness though, the land is a bit “wild” with bugs, natural paths (as opposed to concrete), and creatures all around, including in the roofs. Also, I spotted a couple of large snakes – one in our little canal near the sala, another one close to the road on the other side of the land. This kind of roughness may be appealing to some tourists – I’m thinking particularly backpackers and let’s say hippy-ish people. However, people who are used to staying in perfectly sculpted resorts are obviously going to be dissatisfied. It has been a comparatively slow process to get the land to the point that it is, but this is obviously because we have not had endless resources to devote to it. We can’t deny that financially speaking, we are losing money on the land. We’ve always talked about business ideas, but that has never materialized.

We all know this, but I commented that if we are going to get a business going, we need to make a business plan. Our family has a tendency to talk snippets of ideas, but if any of those snippets of ideas are going to happen, we need to investigate more and do a thorough study of whether that idea has a chance of working. Then we need to implement it.