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"You are all morons. Pedophilia is a thing you're born with and it isn't merely being sexually attracted to children, it's so much more complicated than that. Leave Apophis be, he's not going to harm any kid, as with 99% of lolicons. God, I can't believe you jackasses are actually getting this pissed over a kink... and I thought the vore community had it bad." - Nopm

"Ver pornô furry eu já vi demais e foto nunca usei. Mas eu não sou furry nem aqui nem na China." - Nopm

"Bem, tu já deve saber que eu gosto de vore. I'm also into scat, watersports and stuff" - Nopm

"Eu vejo pornô lésbico. Eu sou lésbico? Não." - Nopm

[Nopm] : Então vai lá piratear.

[Aqua] : Certo, mais me vale piratear e ter o jogo do que comprar e não ter o jogo.

t. Some guy who's into scat, vore, watersports, bestiality and supports pedophiles [Nopm] : Então você é imoral e anti ético.