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    Anti Winx
    — Mirahezian Countryball so no gender —
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    Name File:AntiWinx-icon.png Anti Winxball File:AntiWinx(1)-icon.png
    Nationality File:AntiWinx-icon.png File:6-icon.png Anti Winxian

    I'm File:AntiWinx-icon.png Anti Winxball an interplanetary republic from Planet Kyrila (which used to be controlled totally by a bunch of different fairy kingdoms until fairy hunters united Kyrila as a fairy hunter repblic) stretching to Planet Hillus, having half of Planet Linphea, and part of the Sanus continent on Planet Remnant, yes a Template:I 6ball. I'm a fairy hunter republic which's a democratic nation that uses the fairy hunter ideology. Dedicated to removing fairy monarchies across the universe which are genocidal dictatoral bitches. Thanks to the Wizards of the Black Circle removing all fairy monarchies, we were able to free the Template:I Earth from fairy monarchy which even their last gasp offense in wwii using the axis powers didn't succeed. I was the first modern fairy hunter republic with many more fairy hunter republics being spread into other planets called the fairy hunter revolution. Fairy hunters are everywhere in the universe and have existed along with fairies.



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