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Dark blue text means that it's a remix of an already-existing userbox, ocean blue text means that it's created with Richard Ye's userbox maker, and sky blue text means that it's created myself with no other tools.

User Contributions Green User Contributions Blue User Contributions Yellow User Contributions Red
User Prefers User Likes User Loves
User can do programming User gives suggestions User former patroller

I don't only make userboxes! I make other templates too!
Simplebox (Simpleboxtop/data/section) Emojis (Old) Party Popper Shape Emojis
My Own Template Documentation Quick/Easy Styling End all styling Picture and Text Popup Key Press Talk page archive v3 Quick Noclick Image Needs Substitute/Don't Substitute Multiple Parameters
Invisible/spoiler text Command prompt text Color button (with help from Magogre) User's contributions Unicode Link Always Blue
Easy Dots Character from Number Color box Active Æ Put the page in the parcel! Support if

and also —————, , Fake link!, and Miraheze aaaaand

You've got mail!
Check them out!

Template:Mail what is it...?Move complete!wait what

{{Custom resolutionhelp very circled!

[[Template:Hyphen bulleted list|- i
- am
- a
- special
- type{{barchart}}{{barchart/singlerow}}
- of
- list
- because
- i
- startAgreed  Agreed  {{agreed}}'' note: only agreed is mine, not neutral

- ... {{wiki request}}! {{wiki request comment}}

- with
- hyphen-
- minuses
- instead{{User central notice}}
- of{{chart}}

The following is a chart of anpang/u.

- bullets
- or
- numbers
- :Doh