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Most wikis on miraheze only get viewers from stuff like advertising and requesting friends to join, but wikidiscover and gazetter of wikis do absolutely nothing as there are so many wikis and sorted by a-z order. User talk:Anpang 01:08, 20 October 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Anpang: This I strongly agree YellowFrogger (Talk Edits) 01:16, 20 October 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]
uh what happended is the rfc closed? Anpang

Talk 01:25, 20 October 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Proposal 1: Bumping[edit source]

There is a website called disboard which is a gallery of discord servers, and you can bump a server and it will go to the top of the list. The server will go down eventually because other servers will get bumped too. You can also upvote a server, if it gets so many upvotes it gets pinned (never go down the list, always at top). To prevent bots, there is a cooldown between bumps and a limited number of bumps per day. The suggestion is to add a similar thing to miraheze.

Support[edit source]

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Comments[edit source]

  •  Comment: In my opinion, only wikis in English, and that are reception, get editors more easily it! (this in my humble opinion) YellowFrogger (Talk Edits) 01:20, 20 October 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  •  Comment: Per my statements to the proposer on Discord, this is an idea that isn't really actionable by RfC and would be better as an informal Community Noticeboard discussion or even chat conversation to figure out more options. One key problem is that the meta community generally consists of people well established in their own projects, and the feasibility of finding random people who'd want to associate with highly particular projects through here is minimal. Advertising and friends is most effective because only friends and/or your target audience are most interested in the respective project even if they aren't necessarily great wiki editors. It will always be the meta answer to advertise to your target audience regardless of how nice an advertising feature would be through Meta, although I think Meta's structure has room to improve, particularly with the Gazetteer.

Otherwise careful sorting of the WikiDiscover feature can provide a (for me at least) very acceptable and decently curated list of the most recent wikis. Perhaps having that as a prefabricated option from the start would help as it takes me a few extra buttons to get it starting with most recent creations on the public settings. Perhaps still wikis could then be sorted by having a set description, which could be turned into a fairly effective advertising method.

The above comment is correct, and I think it's because of the majority reach of the English-speaking internet (and the primarily English appeal of Miraheze as a platform at least on a meta level) that getting more English based writers would be easier. Issues like this are quite old and difficult to resolve. --Raidarr (talk) 01:26, 20 October 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

hmm ok Anpang

Talk 01:31, 20 October 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]