User:Anpang/Guide to Miraheze and Wiki Editing

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Welcome to Miraheze! Here's a guide to miraheze and editing on miraheze.
I bet you've heard of wikipedia, its a database of pages written by volunteers. The pages have useful information.

Miraheze is a wikifarm, basically a lot of wikipedias in one, but most wikipedias in miraheze is only covering one topic. A wikifarm? You might've heard of fandom or gamepedia. Yes, those are wikifarms too.

The differences between fandom and miraheze can be found here. Mainly, fandom has ads (used for gaining money for their servers) but miraheze gets money for their servers from donations. If you feel like donating, it's here.

This wiki you're viewing this page is on is Meta. It's the main wiki of miraheze. You can talk to other users and make stuff about miraheze here. You can also find lots of guides to editing on various miraheze wikis.

You can tell if a wiki is miraheze by scrolling down to the bottom, if you find a "Powered by Mediawiki" and "Miraheze", then that wiki is miraheze.

You can create your own miraheze wiki here. Put a subdomain, topic about your wiki, description, and submit! If a wiki creator accepts your request, then your wiki is created! You can start editing on your wiki. Maybe also invite some friends to edit on it or add it to the Gazetteer of wikis!