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This template doesn't work. It's deleted because it can be easily replicated using HTML entities.
If you want to use this, add the code yourself (click edit source and the instructions is in there).

CFN (Character from Number)
You can put in a number and it will return a character, much like a decoder. This template is also on lingojam.

This template can be used as an alternative to those, although not very recommended because there are so many unicode characters in the if-elseif function that it lags a bit sometimes. The real purpose of this template is to add obscure or unused unicode characters, but normal unicode characters on most keyboards are also included.

Usage: {{subst:User:Anpang/CFN|number}}
Example 1: {{subst:User:Anpang/CFN|50}}
Result: Script error: The function "getchar" does not exist.

(x because 50 is x)
Script error: The function "getchar" does not exist.