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An earth icon drawn by me
An earth icon drawn by me
Name Anpang
Born Anpang
Preferred pronoun He
Nationality Thai
Country Thailand
Languages Native thai and english
Time zone UTC+7
Handedness Right-handed
Blood type A
Intelligence quotient 134
Personality Sometimes nice sometimes rude
Family and friends
Siblings 3
Parents 2 (ofc)
Pets Used to have lots of fishes but they all died now lol
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Hobbies Making random sound effects for games, doing python html css javascript, painting emojis and posting them on wikimedia commons, pranking friends
Religion Buddhism

Football/soccer, science (astronomy, physics, chemistry, data science, computer science...not biology), sometimes math

Contact info
Website Coming soon
Account statistics
Joined Account initially created in september 2020, came to meta 9 febuary 2021
First edit First meta edit: 166471
Autoconfirmed Yes
Autopatrolled Yes
Rollbacker No
Administrator No
Bureaucrat No
CheckUser No
Oversighter No
Permissions Autopatrolled and umm yeah thats it
Signature  Anpang📨 
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#This user chats on Discord as Emerald#5903.
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Is also active on Wikimedia commons, these miraheze wikis, reads English wikipedia but doesn't edit pages there
Wiki owner in Minecraft Noteblock and Music Wiki
Lots of Icons Wiki
Astronomy Wiki
TurtleWiki Recreation (Co-owner with original owner Turtle84375)
Axe or Chainsaw Wiki (Inactive)Special:ChangeContentModel

I'll not be as active here on meta as I was before. I'll be testing templates and lua/javascript stuff and also drawing emojis here.

It's halloween! Have a userbox! I also added a pumpkin emoji in my emoji template.
im just bored and i dont know why i put this here

It's not christmas month :/

Clicker game!

? Welcome to my userpage!
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Me[edit source]

Hello, I'm Anpang and I am a completely normal Miraheze user ... I joined Miraheze on September of 2020 (Right after my birthday) on this account.

I have 2 alternate accounts (alts), AnpangAlt (another account) and Anpang01. I own a bot, BambooPlant. Also owns BambooShoot but forgot its password. And I own IOnlyHaveATalkPage too, but edits made on that account may not always be me as I can give away its password. I rarely login to those accounts, and if I do, I won't reply to those accounts' talk pages so don't message me on those accounts!

I am the owner, bureaucrat, admin, and contributor in some wikis like the turtlewiki recreation, astronomy wiki, algodoo wiki, and some more. I am also the first to get the contributor rank in one of the good but deleted wikis, turtlewiki (the original one, not the recreation).

I also sometimes draw random icons and make pixel art with ... if you want an icon tell me in my talk page if you want I guess

I made a bot BambooPlant that runs on pywikibot. Still in construction lol

I'm the creator of wikimark which is a discord bot that converts wikitext to discord markdown.

Random stuff[edit source]

129edits.jpg LoadsOfEdits.jpg ??????

Miraheze currently has 300,183 users, that's a lot! But only 541 users are actually active. Also there are 9 admins. wikitext magic words are awesome

? "Currently hosting 4799 Wikis" MIRAHEZE IS SO CLOSE TO 4800 WIKIS although when you saw this text it probably already reached 4800 or even 4900 haha

I'm thai but I speak english a lot, and still a lot of thai too.

Some subpages[edit source]

Statistics Over Time
User Count Over Time
Wiki Count Over Time

Projects I'm working on:
Some userboxes
A gallery of emojis
A tool that helps unexperienced/new wiki creators approve/decline their first requests.

Am I online right now?

I'm currently online but AFK. Might not reply to your messages

Fun fact about miraheze: miraheze's name is actually from stars "Omicron Ceti" (mira) and "Zeta Virginis" (heze)

My lastest announcements
Date & Time Announcement Notes
14 October 2021 8:14 UTC+7 I updated my userpage with buttons and uhhh.....popups? -
8 October 2021 9:23 UTC+7 The 6 topics of science! Someone make physics wiki and computer science wiki someone already made one please. I don't feel like I should be the one making them and maintaining them, only one wiki and I don't even have enough time! -
28 August 2021 7:41 UTC+7 Request a new wiki, space wiki about the universe -
8 August 2021 8:25 UTC+7 Last time I said my friend will be doing minicraft wiki. But he didn't do anything. -
15 June 2021 9:08 UTC+7 I am no longer owner of Minicraft Wiki, and my friend will be doing it. -
9 May 2021 12:09 UTC+7 I have just realized that I got autopatrolled permissions... -

More random stuff[edit source]

ho  <-- h + o = b
Wait a second, H is the 8th letter in the english alphabet, O is 14 15, and b is 2... 8 + 15 = 2? cursed maths

User info[edit source]

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