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Accounts Here[edit source]

As per [user Accounts policy]. <This is my personal account.>

Notification: subordinate accounts

Alanoccv_test(talk) is also my test_pleb_user acct. (used test/verify effects of access rights)

Alanoccv_guest(talk) It may at times be shared, but under my real world control responsibility. Alanoccv (talk) 02:03, 19 September 2018 (UTC)

Confirming my role in OCCV is as the OccvAdmin. The OCCV wiki will contain content like the stuff I have been fleshing out on alanoccv.

Accounts Elsewhere[edit source]

yes there are.

wikis here[edit source]

The OCCV Wiki

The alanoccv Wiki

About Me:[edit source]

I am a ye olde wiki user from way back.

I learned the wikiway on .

If you guys have social norms that are not the wikiway. Please tell me where they are written down. I have found the policy pages,(RFCs and code of conduct..).

Why I am here and what i do time will tell.

I think this used to work... (if there is some problem with user:me/subpages pls do tell. meanwhile)

user:alanoccv/testpad user:alanoccv/Graphics Communication Patterns

Signatures History[edit source]

(test the talk part fo the link)

  1. default
  2. Alanoccv(talk) 03:54, 19 September 2018 (UTC)

TO do List[edit source]

provide feedback here

Possible issues: editing into text already marked up with html needs testing, and thinking of an 80% workaround (usually works: say for inserting in color)

verify the LOGO setting wiki settings FAQ is in fact a bit out of date. Then do the wiki thing.