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Babel user information
el-N Αυτός ο χρήστης έχει εγγενή κατανόηση Ελληνικών.
en-2 This user has intermediate knowledge of English.
grc-2 Ὅδε ὁ χρώμενος μέσην γνῶσιν τῆς ἀρχαίας ἑλληνικῆς ἔχει.
fr-1 Cet utilisateur dispose de connaissances de base en français.
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This user is male.
13-17This user is a teen.
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UTC+3This user's time zone is UTC+3.
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I'm active on wikivision, wikibuildings, Unicode subsets Wiki, Xenharmonic wiki, Tetris wiki, Public TestWiki,, Fandom TestWiki, the test wiki, filmpedia and BattyeWiki