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Well hello there! I'm Andrei Jiroh, and I joined Miraheze since 2018 (verify with CentralAuth) after doing some research about alternatives to FANDOM (which at the time was called as Wikia) and currently active in both my personal wiki and Recap Time Squad Wiki, which are proudly hosted here.

Disclaimer: All the thoughts published and advice given to you are provided on my own capacity unless otherwise noted. Since I'm also a Recap Time Squad member, my opinions are mine unless also otherwise noted.

About me

I'm a Filipino currently in high school who also do backend Node.js (since 2017ish)and Deno (since late 2022) development in spare time. I'm also a squad member for Recap Time squad, an open-source community/organization around Verification Endpoint API and Community Lores. Furthermore, I'm also a neurodivergent since early childhood, although my official diagnosis (or what I self-identify in the present after my own research) is not yet publicized due to possible discrimination and self-hatred, alongside experiencing internalized ableism and complicated state of my mental health.

That's me IRL.

While Node.js is my first programming language I learned and use since 2018, I also do Python and Bash scripting behind the scenes, usually for personal use. I use VS Code/Nano, Gitpod, and even Google Cloud Shell in my programming/software development/open-source work.

My work

I'm a current wiki admin and founder of Recap Time Squad Wiki (formerly on FANDOM, currently in process of archival), who usually maintains our squad handbook, project pages and even API documentation stuff.

You may be seen also contributing some templates built from our wiki and others and its template documentation plus TemplateData to FANDOM Templates Wiki and Miraheze Templates Wiki.

Outside school + work

Outside of school and my work across communities, I'm just a neurodivergent person who lurks around the internet, sometimes writing my personal thoughts privately via Canva, Zoho Notebook and other note-taking apps.

Wikis I visited and contributed

  • Recap Time Squad Wiki - home wiki in Miraheze, official wiki for everything about Recap Time Squad
  • My personal wiki - home for personal documentation, portfolio and other stuff, particularly essays.
  • Miraheze Meta - usually for requests requiring assistance from Miraheze staff with sysadmin/steward level and up
  • Yugipedia - Technically wikia:yugioh but with fewer ads and vanilla MediaWiki, mostly janitorial chores and template documentation.

Other MH accounts I manage

For transparency reasons, I'll maintain a list of accounts that I have access to, both managed in the past and currently, including any doppelgänger accounts.


  • RecapTimeSquad - administrative/staff account for managing Recap Time Squad Wiki, more of a shared account than an alt
  • Andrei Jiroh Experiments - PublicTestWiki account for bans and personal MW bot development, highly recommended blocking it (with edit access to the user talkpage only) if spotted in your local wiki's public logs so that I don't accidentally do edits when signed in as that
  • RecapTimeBot, formerly CommunityCentralAssistantBot - wiki bot account for some actions at Recap Time Squad Wiki, especially on automating DataDump related chores.


  • DekuPH2006AJHalili - old username placeholder for abuse prevention, pending account global lockdown at SN kept as soft interwiki redirect on global user page.
  • MPTeamPH2017 - technically old username for the first iteration of Recap Time Squad Wiki in 2019 under the wiki name Community Central Wiki by MP team.


TODO: Add my other profile pictures here.

Contact details + Around the web

See also my page for the complete and up-to-date list.

I can be reachable outside Miraheze at:

Cryptography-backed comms

See also: mh:ajhalili2006:Handbook:Cryptography-backed_communications

Committed identity

The following committed identity was updated as of 2022-04-16 (verify here via diff), with the following statement. I use this as a form of identity verification, alongside my SSH or GPG keys (or government-issued ID, currently the PH national ID) in case of account recovery and other highly-sensitive actions.

Committed identity: 97c57d1a0e25e83ec7c2b3e6d41ee47fc6521661951a0800afaeac6f4d1ab28612dc2a4c07a3268f5e6408a2ca9afea66e80e5a8509bbec03201a75afd4482bd is a SHA-512 commitment to this user's real-life identity.

In case I change it, I'll publish the original text I use for generating SHA-512 commitment after 6 months from latest committed identity change within my personal wiki, although it might take longer due to security reasons.