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About 虎之介[edit | edit source]

I am a user who works mainly at mh:newusopedia:ウソペディア/Usopedia,mh:shiropedia:城ペディア,andmh:japan:日本クラブ/Japan union.

My name is written in kanji as 虎之介, and it includes the meaning of tiger(speak Tora in japan). However, the reading is Konosuke, not Toranosuke.

There are other names, such as 虎綱(Toratsuna) and 蜉蝣(Kagero), but Miraheze should use 虎之介(Konosuke) to unify them.

My account name on Phabricator is J-Jousyu. This is derived from my old account name.

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I'm Japanese and I'm 18 years old. My native language is Japanese, but I understand English because I study it at school. However, please note that the speed of my answer is not as fast as the speed of my Japanese.

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