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    Workarounds to install an older version of Google Chrome[edit source]

    For security reasons, Google will NOT be offering older versions of Google Chrome. However, some websites offer the ability to do so, such as: (if you want to access websites mentioned below, please replace # with .)

    • Slimjet Browser Website's "Older Versions of Chrome" page
    • chromedownloads#net
    • googlechromer#com's Google Chrome Browser Library
    • Old Version Dot Com's Software "Google Chrome"
    • PC6's Google Chrome Portable
    • FilePuma
    • Follow a CSDN Blog (provided us with versions from 20 to 83)
    • Chocolatey
    • Nwcom Info's File Server
    • Liulan Mi (use "Chrome+<version>+Liulanmi" to search, but seems the website no longer updated since February 2021)
    • Sourceforge
    • Filehippo (although it will redirect to the official download page)

    But, if the above sources do NOT reach your demand, you can download Chromium, and search with a particular version's revision number or via Chocolatey.

    Oh and there’s something more we would like to let you know: You can also get them via Internet Archive or Up To Down, which they are famous sources.