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Please don't post comment(s) on my user talk pages (expect special situations), Please respect my wishes. This is my talk page.

— Mirahezian —
Name in real life I WON'T TELL YOU, IT'S THE SECRET
Nationality China
Languages Chinese
Time zone UTC+8 (CST)
Current time

Current time for UTC+8 is

Blood type Unknown
Intelligence quotient 100+
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Pets None
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Hobbies Maths, playing drum


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Facebook Blocked in China, all below have no account
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Joined 2022-01-02
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Because recently Miraheze "substitute a new regime for the old", and has a lot of affects for me, I will be less active on Miraheze. You can reach me on Stack Exchange instead.

Introduction[edit source]

If you see this message, that means I'm NOT active here. I am always active on various wikis, especially some chinese wikis. You can also see me by different websites, including Moegirlpedia, Stack Overflow, etc. I'm also a developer in iPhone Development Wiki.

I'm active on these wikis:

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