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Retired from meta and other wikis. But, I only active on the yunawiki and vazwiki. I'm not always active on these wikis.

Hi, I'm そらたこ🐙🌈(Soratako). I’m a 15, female. I can speak Japanese well. I live in Canada.

I really like ゆな(Yuna) very very very much. She is a Japanese YouTuber and female fashion model. Same age as me. Her fan name is たこ族(Takozoku) because she likes たこ焼き(Takoyaki). My name そらたこ comes from my real name そら(Sora) and her fan name. Also, Her fan mark is "🐙🌈". Actually, I want to add this emoji to my signature, but I was criticized while I was adding emoji to my signature on Wikipedia before.

This user have a few alternative(multiple) accounts. User:Soratako, User:Soratako-Miraheze, User:そらたこテスト, User:そらたこ他, User:Soratakotest, User:ゆな, User:ゆなちゃんねる, 😀, そらたこbot and そらたこ🐙.

In MediaWiki, I am active under the name User:Soratako-Miraheze.

My Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok and others accounts are listed here.