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Miraheze Community Volunteer and Wiki Creator

About me

I am Miraheze community volunteer, primarily interested in helping to draft, fill in, and edit Miraheze Meta and global content and conduct policies. Additionally, my home wikis are chiefly Meta and Public Test Wiki. On Meta, I am active as a wiki creator, assisting new or existing fellow community users with their questions on the noticeboards and talk pages, patrolling Special:RecentChanges and Special:NewPages across namespaces, various wiki maintenance, and other wiki janitorial-type tasks and duties, the latter tasks of which largely comprise my role as a Meta administrator. On Public Test Wiki, I am a consul, having been elected by the local community, bureaucrat, and administrator where I am active in granting requests for permissions, various wiki janitorial-type tasks and duties, and continuing to fill out our content pages. Most recently, I was elected by the community to serve on the Code of Conduct Commission, which is the quasi-judicial arbitration panel to hear complaints or appeals from users that relate to the Code of Conduct global policy.

Globally, I am active as an interwiki administrator, capable of adding interwiki links to the local interwiki table on any wiki (usually following a request at the community noticeboard on Meta, but requests by Discord or IRC are also accepted as well).

I'm also interested in helping to import useful templates and pages, either to Miraheze Meta or Template Miraheze, and customizing them for Miraheze. In the medium-term, I would like to extend my specialization toward combating cross-wiki vandalism. At the moment, this is my only Miraheze account, and I have no current plans to create any additional accounts.

My work

I am a trained library technician and recently completed my diploma through Langara College. As part of my recently completed training, I have been trained to provide reference services by way of the reference desk, circulate materials and assist the library's patrons with various enquiries at the circulation desk, create and manage authority records, and catalogue various print and non-print resources in a machine-readable (MARC) coding format according to a variety of internationally recognized descriptive and subject cataloguing principles.

Prior completing my Library & Information Technology diploma, I previously worked for HSBC Bank Canada and was licensed through its wholly-owned mutual fund dealing subsidiary HSBC Investment Funds Canada, Inc., to sell HSBC-distributed mutual funds to residents of the Canadian province of British Columbia. Both prior to and after my time at HSBC Canada, I worked in the self storage industry for two different self storage facilities as an on-site office administrator and senior storage advisor.

Disclaimer: All advice I give is followed at your own risk. I make no guarantee that it will work as intended.

Contact me

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