Underaged users

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Underage users

Miraheze does not serve persons under the age of 13. This means those under that age may not register on Miraheze or use our service, even if they have their parents permission. Our Privacy Policy restricts the usage of Miraheze to those over 13.


If you suspect someone is under 13 and have on-wiki proof of such admissions (such as this user admitting to it, posting their birthday, etc.), please file a report on TSPortal under "Data Protection" and cite as much proof as possible. Off-wiki admissions on places such as Discord or a non-Miraheze wiki cannot be corroborated as legitimate many times and thus cannot be used to cite that a user is under age.

Once reported, you should not spread the word that a user is underage or publicly tag them as such. Trust and Safety will investigate the accusation and action as needed. If we verify the report we will lock and vanish the user. Once that occurs, you should still not publicly tag the vanished user as underage.

Advice to wiki administrators

If you suspect or can prove a user is underage, please do not locally block them with anything mentioning their age or underage status, as Trust and Safety generally has to return to that wiki to overturn the ban and suppress the log revision. If they become disruptive, you may block with a generic reason such as "policy violations", If they aren't disruptive, it's better to wait for Trust and Safety to handle it. Once you can verify a user is underage, please report it to Trust and Safety who will handle it. Make sure to provide as much proof as possible.

Do not report these suspected underage users on public venues such as the Stewards' noticeboard. Only report this, in private, to Trust and Safety.

See also

  • Privacy Policy - Formally prohibits the usage of our services to those under 13.
  • Terms of Use - Agreement under which all Miraheze users are bound to.
  • Trust and Safety - Responsible for the enforcement of these and other policies.