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Trust and Safety

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To file a report with Trust and Safety, please click here. To inquire about anything else, please email [email protected]. {{{1}}}

Trust and Safety manages, triages, and evaluates reports of incidents that affect the safety of Miraheze's users or are critical to trust in the platform. The Trust and Safety team operates on the following principles:

  • prevent incidents and situations that could risk either anyone's trust in Miraheze or anyone's safety while using the service;
  • investigate reports and complaints that fall under either a trust or safety aspect;
  • minimise the perceived risk experienced by any users of the platform;
  • react to any ongoing incidents that violate the trust or safety of any platform user, with the view to minimise risk and to preventing further harm.

Luottamus ja turvallisuusriskit

Edellä mainittuja luottamus- ja turvallisuusriskejä tarkasteltaessa on hyödyllistä ja välttämätöntä miettiä, minkä tyyppiset tapaukset kuuluvat kuhunkin luokkaan:

  • Tekijänoikeusrikkomukset.
  • Häirintä.
  • Yksityisyyden suoja -ja tietosuojarikkomukset.
  • Tekniset turvallisuushäiriöt.
  • Käyttöehtojen rikkomukset.
  • Lapsipornografia.
  • Äärimmäinen pornografia.
  • Häirintä.
  • Yksityisyyden suoja -ja tietosuojarikkomukset.
  • Terrorismiin liittyvät rikokset.
  • Käyttöehtojen rikkomukset.

The above lists are not exhaustive and merely serve as an information piece to show that while there are specific trust and safety issues, most are on a sliding scale where the impact is important on both trust and safety together.

Kuinka raportoida

To contact Trust and Safety and make a report, please use TSPortal which allows you to make a report easily. If you are unable to use the portal for any reason, please email All reports should contain the following details, depending on what is being reported:

  • Contact details of the complainant;
  • As much information as possible with regards to the circumstances, including links to anything on wiki;
  • Details of the victim/suspect/aggressor as known.
  • Details of who exactly the copyright holder is, and evidence of their claim (or non-release);
  • Details of any remediation taken with the wiki/community/user involved, where this was taken, and the outcomes;
  • The jurisdiction the specific copyright claim is under (Miraheze operates under United States jurisdiction).
  • As much information as possible as to who uploaded it, how it was used on Miraheze, how long as it has been on Miraheze etc.;
  • Any actions/further reports made (e.g. to wiki administrators, Stewards, etc.);
  • All information known should be provided, even if the reporter considers it minor.


+/- Username Role Volunteer account Team email
Harej (global accounts) Director of Trust and Safety Harej
Universal Omega (global accounts) Trust and Safety Responder Universal Omega

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