Trust and Safety/Roles

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Trust and Safety

In the event of any differences in meaning between the original English version and a translation, the original English version takes precedence.

Role Descriptor: Director of Trust and Safety

The Director of Trust and Safety will report directly to Miraheze Limited’s Board of Directors.

This position will be at the forefront of supporting Miraheze Limited’s response to several daily challenges. From reviewing and developing policies to improve the trust and safety of the platform, to leading a small team of volunteers in responding to live on-going incidents – this role is important to supporting Miraheze Limited to identify, investigate, and build processes to improve the safety of the service.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Managing a small team of responders, ensuring they are adequately trained and equipped.
  • Regularly engaging and reporting to the Board of Directors to ensure compliance and trends are identified.
  • Engage with other teams within Miraheze Limited to ensure all activities are consistent with Miraheze Limited’s Trust and Safety strategies.
  • Review all actions taken by responders in an official capacity to ensure consistency and appropriateness.
  • Build processes and workflows to assist responders.
  • Develop plans and strategies to support Miraheze Limited’s obligation to Trust and Safety.

Role Descriptor: Trust and Safety Responder

Trust and Safety Responders will report to the Director of Trust and Safety.

This position will be at the forefront of supporting Miraheze Limited’s response to reports of Terms of Use violations and other safety-critical complaints. A responder will require good judgment to apply appropriate responses to improve the trust stakeholders have with regard to Miraheze Limited.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Collaborate across teams to ensure the appropriate response to a variety of matters concerning trust and safety, whether they are complaints or technical.
  • Evaluate content to provide the best response to protect the reputation of Miraheze Limited, but also the safety of volunteers and the public.
  • Work with colleagues and the Director of Trust and Safety to escalate cases as appropriate to either the Board, internet service providers, or law enforcement authorities.
  • Build relationships with the community and external stakeholders to ensure the trust is maintained and critical complaints are addressed.