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After a case: Follow-up tracking and appeals[edit | edit source]

Once you've finished dealing with a case, there's usually an avenue for the sanctioned party to appeal later. This is usually at some point after their block or ban is placed. (In some cases your team may need to restrict the frequency of or time frame of such appeals.) For the mediator, this means a case might come up again in the future. Even if there is no appeal, it's worth keeping an eye on these cases after they come to a close.

You don't need to keep a personal log of every case you've ever looked at. For the most part, you should just know where to look for records about previous cases, and know how to parse them in the future. For those on Arbitration Committees and on other committees which rely on decisions made in previous cases, this is a key part of your work. In particular, you should know how to find:

  • The result of the case
  • The parties involved in the case
  • The reporter, assuming they weren't otherwise a party in the case

If the case was processed privately for some reason – if it was a sensitive issue, or if revealing any of the above points would be dangerous somehow – then you should at least be aware of these details in case they are needed in future cases.