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Status:    In progress

Wiki: [[mh:{{{wiki}}}|{{{wiki}}}]] ([[mh:{{{wiki}}}:Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat|list 'crats]] • [[mh:{{{wiki}}}:Special:ManageWiki|ManageWiki]] • wiki request)

  • Reason: {{{reason}}}
  • Bureaucrat (yes/no): {{{bureaucrat}}}
  • User: [[User:{{{user}}}|{{{user}}}]] ([[Special:CentralAuth/{{{user}}}|CA]] • [[mh:{{{wiki}}}:Special:Contributions/{{{user}}}|contributions]] / [[mh:{{{wiki}}}:Special:UserRights/{{{user}}}|rights]] on-wiki • [[Special:UserRights/{{{user}}}@{{{wiki}}}wiki|assign]])
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This template is used on Requests for adoption page to cleaner request view than before.

Usage[edit source]

Normal usage[edit source]

|status =
|wiki = 
|user =  
|bureaucrat =  
|reason =

Example of usage[edit source]

Usage Result
|status = done 
|wiki = test
|user = Example
|bureaucrat = no 
|reason = I want addopt this wiki because crats are inactive.
Status:    Done

Wiki: test (list 'cratsManageWikiwiki request)

Example (talk) 16:55, 14 July 2020 (UTC)

Parameters[edit source]

  • |status= - like for template {{status}}
  • |wiki= - database name of wiki without "wiki" part (e.g. testwiki is test)
  • |user= - username of requester (case sensitive)
  • |bureaucrat= - is user bureaucrat on wiki? yes/no
  • |reason= - reason why user want adopt wiki