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This template provides a way to link to a user page and display just the username. For example {{User|Example}} gives Example, link to a page of user with nickname Example.

Usage[edit source]

Template Result Notes
{{user|Example}} Example User "example" exists. It links to that user.
{{user|IOnlyHaveATalkPage}} IOnlyHaveATalkPage User "IOnlyHaveATalkPage" doesn't have a userpage, but has a user talk page.
{{user|abcdefg}} abcdefg User "abcdefg" doesn't have a user page or a talk page.

If there is no user page with the user nickname provided, it will display a link to that user's talk page (User talk:USERNAME). If the talk page doesn't exist, it will display a link to the user's CentralAuth page (Special:CentralAuth/USERNAME).

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