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Maintenance templates[edit source]

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User notice templates[edit source]

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User warning templates[edit source]

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Creation of off-topic pages

Character-substitution templates[edit source]

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Utility templates[edit source]

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Other templates[edit source]

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Userpage header templates[edit source]

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Link templates[edit source]

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Inline talk templates[edit source]

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Resolution templates[edit source]

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Voting templates[edit source]

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Userboxes[edit source]

Global permissions[edit source]

Category: Global permissions userboxes
Template Result
{{User CVT}}
CVN logo.svgThis user is part of the Miraheze Counter Vandalism Team. (verify)
{{User global IP block exemption}}
{{User global sysop}}
CVN logo.svgThis user is a Miraheze global sysop. (verify)
{{User global rollbacker}}
Miraheze Global Rollbacker.PNGThis user has Global rollbacker rights on Miraheze. (verify)
{{User interwiki administrator}}
Miraheze interwiki administrator.svgThis user is a Miraheze interwiki administrator. (verify)
{{User steward}}
Miraheze Steward.pngThis user is a Miraheze steward. (verify)
{{User system administrator}}
Miraheze Sysadmin.pngThis user is a Miraheze system administrator. (verify)

Meta permissions[edit source]

Category: Meta permissions userboxes
Template Result
{{User administrator}}
Miraheze admin.pngThis user is an administrator on Meta. (verify)
{{User autopatrolled}}
Miraheze Autopatrolled.PNGThis user has autopatrolled rights on Miraheze Meta. (verify)
{{User autoconfirmed}}
Autoconfirmed flat window.pngThis user has autoconfirmed rights on Meta.
{{User confirmed}}
Confirmed flat window.pngThis user has confirmed rights on Meta. (verify)
{{User interface administrator}}
Nutheze black.svgThis user is an interface administrator on Meta. (verify)
{{User translation administrator}}
Miraheze translation administrator.svgThis user is a translation administrator on Meta. (verify)
{{User wiki creator}}
Miraheze Wiki Creator.PNGThis user is a wiki creator on Miraheze. (verify)
{{User bureaucrat}}
Miraheze Bureaucrat.PNGThis user is a bureaucrat on Meta. (verify)
{{User patroller}}
Miraheze Patroller.pngThis user is an patroller on Meta. (verify)
{{User rollbacker}}
Miraheze Rollbacker.pngThis user is a rollbacker on Meta. (verify)
{{User central notice}}
Miraheze CNM.pngThis user has central notice manager rights on Miraheze Meta. (verify)

Social media userboxes[edit source]

Category: Social media userboxes
Template Result
{{User discord}}
#This user chats on Discord.
{{User github}}
GitLogo.pngThis user helps Miraheze on GitHub.
{{User instagram}}
Instagram icon.pngThis user has an account on Instagram.
{{User IRC}}
#This user chats on IRC.
{{User phabricator}}
Phab.pngThis user helps Miraheze on Phabricator.
{{User twitter}}
Twitter logo initial.svgThis user tweets on Twitter.
{{User wikimedia}}
Wikimedia Foundation Logo.pngThis user has an account at the Wikimedia Foundation projects.

Human life userboxes[edit source]

Category: Human life userboxes
Template Result
{{User adult}}
18+This user is an adult.
{{User age}}
0This user is 0 years old.
{{User male}}
Mars symbol.svgThis user is male.
{{User female}}
Venus symbol.svgThis user is female.
{{User from}}
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpgThis user is from Earth.
{{User in}}
Flag of the United States.svgThis user lives in United States.

Other userboxes[edit source]

Category: Other userboxes
Template Result
{{User likes thank button}}
Thumb up icon.svgThis user likes to use the thank button.

Infoboxes[edit source]