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This template may be used on the talk page of a Miraheze user who has been a longer-term contributor but has not been active on Miraheze in the past few months/years.

It is not intended to be used on user pages, or on talk pages of editors who have announced their departure (as the goodbye message is there for everyone to see). Rather, it should be used to inform editors that the user in question has not been active for a long time, and that they may not reply to any messages or questions.

It is generally not advisable to add this template to the talk page of any Miraheze user who has stopped editing for a short amount of time – an absence of at least several months (e.g. six months) is reasonable standard before addition of this template to a talk page.

Usage[edit source]

{{not around|has left Miraheze|<username>|<last edits>}}

All attributes are optional. The first parameter (status) replaces "may have left Miraheze" portion of the template message. <username> replaces the default user name (taken from the page title). <last edits> adds a date for the editor's last edits (which can be in any format).

Sample usage[edit source]

{{not around}} would produce:

{{not around|has departed Miraheze|Example|January 1, 2010}} would produce: