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Trash Can.svg This Template is a candidate for speedy deletion.

Reason: No reason given

Usage Note[edit source]

Add this template to any page on Meta for which you're requesting an administrator to delete, either by adding it to the very top of the page (preferred) or by replacing the existing content with this template (also acceptable) following the format prescribed below.

{{Delete|1=Your deletion reason}}

Replace your deletion reason with one of the commonly accepted reasons for deletion below, or describe concisely why you are requesting deletion.

If you do not specify a reason in parameter 1=, no deletion reason will be inserted, and your request may be declined if it is not apparent why deletion is being requested.

Commonly accepted reasons for deletion[edit source]

Parameter(s)[edit source]

No description.

Template parameters

Deletion reason1

Template to add to any page requiring deletion.

No deletion reason
Author requests deletion, or author blanked