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This page may qualify for speedy deletion as complete vandalism or a blatant hoax.

This criterion includes random gibberish (patent nonsense), deliberate misinformation, profane or obscene content, deliberate and obvious "trolling", racist or otherwise discriminatory writings, or any other content that violates Miraheze's global Content Policy, Terms of Use, and/or Code of Conduct. Note that this criteria does not include pages that were erroneously created on Meta instead of on a user's own wiki, nor does it include test pages, promotion/spam, or copyright infringement. Each of these has its own deletion criterion. Attack pages may be considered vandalism, but should generally be tagged with {{db-attack}} instead.

If this page does not qualify for speedy deletion, please remove this notice. However, indiscriminately or illegitimately removing deletion notices may be considered vandalism. Additionally, if the page qualifies for speedy deletion but not under the criteria specified, please replace this notice with the appropriate notice, but do not remove the deletion notice altogether. Please note that once tagged with this notice, the page may be deleted at any time by an administrator, with or without further discussion or notice. If the page has already been deleted and you believe this was done in error, please leave a message on the admins noticeboard.