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This page may qualify for speedy deletion as a page that serves no purpose other than to advertise or promote a person, group, place, service, or product; or to provide a collection of external links that are not relevant to the Miraheze project.

Using wikis, including Meta, for commercial activity, including advertising or promotion, is a violation of the global Content Policy. While it is acceptable to discuss a person, group, place, product, or service, it is not acceptable to promote or advertise them, or to discuss them in a way that attempts to lure readers to visit a particular site or read a particular piece of writing. Additionally, Meta may not be used to host any collections of external links that have no relevance to the greater Miraheze project. Meta is the central coordination wiki for Miraheze and should only be used for that purpose.

If this page does not qualify for speedy deletion, please remove this notice. However, indiscriminately or illegitimately removing deletion notices may be considered vandalism. Additionally, if the page qualifies for speedy deletion but not under the criteria specified, please replace this notice with the appropriate notice, but do not remove the deletion notice altogether. Please note that once tagged with this notice, the page may be deleted at any time by an administrator, with or without further discussion or notice. If the page has already been deleted and you believe this was done in error, please leave a message on the admins noticeboard.