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This page may qualify for speedy deletion as a page that serves no purpose other than to attack, disparage, defame, insult, or otherwise offend a living person or another Miraheze user.

Do not make personal attacks against other Miraheze users, and do not insert libel or defamation against living persons to any Miraheze Wiki. Such behavior is a violation of the Code of Conduct and the Content Policy.

Please blank this page when applying this template so that it contains only the deletion template. If you believe that this page does not qualify for speedy deletion as an attack page, you may raise your concerns on the talk page, or on the admins noticeboard. However, do not remove this template from a page unless you are an administrator, except in the cases of obvious frivolous tagging that could be considered vandalism. Any legitimate concerns about attack pages must be investigated fully before they are closed or dismissed. Premature removal of this tag may be reverted, and users who persist may be blocked from editing.