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This is the {{Admin help}} message box.

If you need help from an administrator, you can place this template on your own user talk page or the talk page of any article which requires an administrator to perform a task. (If you cannot edit those pages, you may use either the Meta:Administrators' noticeboard or {{admin help}} (this template).) Write your question below the template. Our administrators will be notified.

Here is what you would put at the bottom of the talk page:

== Question for administrator ==
{{Admin help}}
<Your Question>


The four tildes "~~~~" will automatically add your signature, that is, your username and a timestamp.

Note: A lot of things can be handled by experienced users. The best way to contact an experienced user is to use {{Help me}} instead, or post at the community noticeboard.

If you require help in regards to blocking, deleting, protecting, or administrative matters, you can use {{Admin help}}; but if you are currently blocked and wish to request unblocking, it is recommended you use {{Unblock}} instead of the helper templates. This ensures your request is included in the requests for unblock category.

Technical details[edit source]

When used, this template categorizes the talk page into Category:Mirahezians looking for help from administrators.

The IRC channel #miraheze connect is notified when this template is used. You can join that channel (chat room) if you want to help out or if you want to get real-time assistance.

See also[edit source]

For those who ask:

  • {{Help me}} – When you don't require help from administrators specifically, but an experienced editor is enough.
  • {{Edit protected}} – When you want to request an edit of a fully protected page.

For helpers who answer:

  • {{Helpme-irc}} – A message that asks the user to come to IRC for more help.
  • {{Admin help-nq}} – When the editor posted {{Admin help}}, but did not ask a question.