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Site Reliability Engineering Duty is a name assigned to the process of ensuring incoming tasks and problems get resolved in a timely manner or remain tracked week-in-week-out to prevent tasks from dropping off everyone's radar.

Details of Duty

  • Duty is from a Monday-Monday (a standard, normalised week).
  • A new member of SRE should fulfil the Duty each week.
    • A single member of SRE can fulfil the Duty for two consecutive weeks if unavoidable.
    • A single member of SRE should not fulfil the Duty for three consecutive weeks under any circumstance. If no one fulfils a vacant week, said member of SRE may fulfil the Duty if they wish, but should contact immediately.
  • Duty tracking shall be done using Phorge's Calendar.
  • The SRE member is responsible for ensuring all incoming tasks on Phorge are triaged, assigned to a project, and followed up.
    • Followed up may be just assigning the task to a project such as a software or extension tag.
    • If the task is config, a bug or unclear—following up entails the best possible attempt to close the task or progress it along to the appropriate person/team.
  • When a new member of SRE takes over, they should review the existing tasks to ensure they are up-to-date. They should also add the SRE Duty dashboard to their menu and keep an eye on it over the week.

New Task Checklist

  • Make sure the task title and description are accurate and relevant.
  • Ensure the task has the appropriate projects assigned.
  • Assign the task the appropriate priority.
  • Ensure any relevant information is added, such as error logs from production.
  • If in doubt about anything, ask the user or another member of SRE!
  • It is also nice that users get a user-facing confirmation we have the task; if you're not doing it immediately, please comment to let them know it has been acknowledged, provide an estimate of when the task will be done, and if an estimate isn't possible, explain why!

Common Tasks

  • Please fill this section with common tasks experienced/dealt with to build a portfolio to make consistent handling easier.

See also

  • Phorge for details about requests and tracking on Phorge