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Redis is used for session and objection caching as well as storing the job queue which is ran by MediaWiki. Redis is currently installed on Misc2.

Commands[edit | edit source]


The redis installation is protected by a password in order to increase security more than firewalling can do (e.g. protection from co-inhabiting services). The password is stored in the private git repo. The first command ran for anyone wanting to do anything is usually AUTH <password>.


This will flush all keys from the database storage and can be helpful for in-house debugging or resolving issues. The command should be ran sparingly, like its child FLUSHDB.


INFO provides information about the running installation and run-time specific information like databases, keys, CPU usages, replication states, memory, clients and versions.


KEYS can be used to list all keys matching a regex or just all keys stored by doing KEYS *.


MONITOR listens for requests received by redis from the point in time the request was issued and out puts it all into the shell view. This can be extremely helpful in debugging issues as it directly shows what is being queried, where, how and the output over the selective query by the client (usually MediaWiki).